Practice interpretation with Freelensia’s videos

By Site Admin | Oct 25, 2021
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Have you always dreamed of becoming a simultaneous interpreter?

As we discussed in Different Modes and Types of Interpretation, simultaneous interpretation (also called real-time interpretation or cabin interpretation) is considered the most challenging form of interpretation to master. For more details on this mode of interpretation, please visit this article.

If you have never interpreted before or have only worked as a consecutive interpreter, achieving your dream of becoming a simultaneous interpreter needs a lot of practice. In the article What Are Good Ways to Practice and Develop Simultaneous Interpretation Skills?, we once suggested that you follow structured speeches, which are 10-20 minutes long and try to repeat everything that has been said in the same language ​​as in the speech. That will train your brain to listen and speak while continuing to listen at the same time. Once you feel comfortable and able to adapt, you can begin interpreting the speeches. 

However, we understand that finding appropriate speeches for interpretation practice can be tricky. Therefore, we have created a video playlist called Practice Simultaneous Interpretation Videos on our YouTube channel for you to test and improve your simultaneous interpretation skills.