English-Chinese interpretation full day

Cuota a pagar en el evento (USD): 150
Idioma lista: Inglés
Idiomas de interpretación:
Portugués Brasileño
Tipos de interpretación:
Guía turístico
Asistencia stand
Visita de la exposición
Visita de fábrica
Reunión de negocios en general
Reunión de negocios de alto nivel
M & Una negociación
Interrogatorio policial
Audiencia judicial
Visita médica
Visita de cortesía
Seminario-interpretación consecutiva
Tiempo real (1 de 2 personas)
Tiempo real (1 persona cubre todos)
Ayudante a tiempo real
En el lugar de la interpretación
La interpretación a distancia
Experiencia educacional: Loujia College, Wuhan university BA
Lista de los trabajos de interpretación del pasado: Onsite interpreter for an American client in business meetings and factory visit
Industrias especializadas: Computer Science/Sports/Blockchain/Business
Edad intérprete: 24
Intérprete de género: Masculino
Nacionalidad intérprete: Chino
Puntuación de IELTS de intérprete: 7.5
Años de experiencia en la interpretación: 2
Años de residencia en el extranjero donde se utiliza el lenguaje de interpretación: 1.0
Hobby: Reading, basketball, python, music
Vídeos: https://youtu.be/nvhLbWf4G5k

As a professional English Chinese translator&interpreter for over 2 years, I'd love to offer my assistance for anyone who is need of a local guide or even friend. I take great pleasure not only in facilitating my clients' business through my skills, but also in introducing local customs and culture for them. I would spare no efforts to offer some practical tips to make their life a delightful experience. It's my work ethic that interpretation is more about ensuring my client enjoy their experience even in a foreign country than just coldly offer onsite service.

Feel free to check my video here: http://video.freelensia.com/joe-en

Wish everyone who travels to China have a great time!

PS: Please note that any work expense incurred, including transportation, accommodation and meals, is supposed be reimbursed by the client, while the exact amount and standards is to be negotiated between two parties upon contact.

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2 years ago

I am a photographer looking to go from Beijing to Chengdu then to Yunnan

Would you be interested in joining me as a translator and assistant

I come April 27

I am a film photographer using old analog cameras


2 years ago

Yes, I would love to be your local guide and introduce the stories behind all the scenery along the way. Looking forward to hearing from you!


2 years ago

Could you share more details about your travel plan in China? Would love to know more so that I could offer some advice to help you make some preparations.

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