Movies About Interpretation and Translation (Part 2)

By Site Admin | Dec 17, 2020
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What is it like to be an interpreter? Who can work as an interpreter or a translator? If you ever asked yourself these kinds of questions, movies (films) about interpretation and translation are just right for you as they can provide fruitful insights about this profession. If you already have a decent knowledge of interpretation, it is likely that you still find joy watching the movies and see if they accurately depict the life and work of an interpreter.

In this article, Freelensia has gathered the most popular movies, TV series, and some funny short clips on the topic of interpretation.


6. Spanglish (2004)

Official trailer:

Cristina Moreno (Shelbie Bruce) is a Mexican girl who has moved to Los Angeles with her mom. Her mom, Flor Moreno (Paz Vega), who can’t speak a word of English, starts working for a wealthy American family and the girl has to interpret several times for her. An affair gradually starts between Flor and the male host, John Clasky (Adam Sandler). In the end, will they bridge the linguistic divide?

This romantic comedy film provides an example of how a culture gap can make interpretation very difficult. Everything would have been much simpler with the experienced English- Spanish interpreters from Freelensia!

On the other hand, the daughter, despite her young age, is an excellent interpreter, both simultaneously and consecutively. Please watch one of her interpretation scenes below:

Please note that this is just a movie. In real life, you have to practice hard for years to become this proficient in simultaneous interpretation, one of the most advanced forms of interpretation. Please find tips from Freelensia on how to enhance your simultaneous interpretation skills in this article.


7. The Interpreter (Les interprètes) (2016)

One of the interpretation scenes:

This TV series, despite its easy-to-guess plot, was a commercial hit in China in 2016. Qiao Fei (Yang Mi)’s dream is to become a famous simultaneous interpreter. Her mentor during her schooling in Paris is Cheng Jia Yang (Huang Xuan), a professional French interpreter. They dislike each other at first but starting to grow intimate as she continuously overcomes his tests. Everything seems to go smoothly until Qiao Fei gets disproved by Jia Yang’s family, and the involvement of her ex-boyfriend makes things get more complicated.


8. The Translators (Les Traducteurs) (2019)

Beside Atlantis: The Lost Empire featured in part 1 of our movie list, The Translators is another must-watch movie for the language lovers. French is spoken most of the time, but sometimes you will also hear the translators switch to their mother-tongues, including English, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Mandarin, Russian, German, Danish and Greek.

9 translators are hired to work on the last book of Dedalus, a best seller trilogy. Despite all strict security practices, first 10 pages of the book are mysteriously leaked online. The nightmare for all 9 translators begins from there.

One of the remarkable scenes is when the translators speak in different languages to plan an escape from the life-threatening situation they are in:




Are you getting bored with the mainstream movies and TV series yet? Let’s explore the hilarious amateur / semi-professional video clips about interpretation.


1. The Hollow Men - Russian Bride

What do you think of getting an interpreter who literally speaks, drinks and even expresses emotion on your behalf? That awkward situation is depicted in this funny video.   

Unlike in the clip, the Russian interpreters on Freelensia platform are professional. Please refer to their listings if you are looking for an English-Russian or Vietnamese-Russian interpreter.


2. The Translator | Awkward Puppets

A fake interpreter alters the whole conversation between a police officer and a woman reporting someone stealing her tequila. That fake interpreter is actually the thief!

Please ensure that you hire a reliable interpreter for your police interrogation who has solid legal knowledge. These interpreters can be reserved at Freelensia.


3. If It Was Me Translating Kojima's Game Awards 2019 Acceptance Speech...

When your Japanese interpreter has excellent summarizing skills, you do not have to worry whether you have just talked too much, as he can squeeze your speech into just one word.


4. The World’s Worst Translator - Alternatino

As its title says, this video clip features a very inexperienced Spanish – English interpreter. He interprets word for word, but poorly and clumsily which makes both of his clients really frustrated.


5. The Translator (Short Comedy Film)

When your crush is a French girl and you do not speak her language, never ask another girl to be your interpreter, especially if that girl also likes you. Who knows what she might interpret? And the consequence can be fatal.


6. Remote interpretation scene in Lucy

Although Lucy is not a movie about interpretation or translation, this scene shows how a good interpreter may save lives in critical situations!


In conclusion, the movies and video clips above have given you ideas on how interpretation or translation work. Yet what Freelensia can provide you has not been depicted on the silver screen: we offer interpretation services that can be reserved online in any country, at any time, and in any language.

What is your favorite movie from the above list? Did we miss any film about translation and interpretation you love? Please give us your comments. If you have an inquiry for Freelensia, do not hesitate to contact us at


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