Cabin for 1/2 day

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Phiên Dịch Viên
Tiếng Anh, Tiếng Việt
Họp thông thường, Họp cấp cao, Hội thảo dịch cắt đoạn, Đồng thời (1 trong 2 người), Đồng thời (1 người dịch toàn bộ)
Bachelor of Economics, graduated from Hanoi Foreign Trade University
14 years of experience. On average, i provide interpretation services for about 300 workshops per year, 3 workshop per week, mostly simultaneous interpretation.

Detail CV will be provided upon request.

Frequent client included World Bank, IFC, UNODC, Unicef, ADB, JICA.

Social sciences, agriculture, forestry, garment & textile, climate change, NGO methodology & approach, WB related projects

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Tiếng Anh
Tiếng Anh, Tiếng Việt
Đồng thời (1 trong 2 người), Đồng thời (1 người dịch hết)
Dịch tại chỗ, Dịch từ xa
Foreign Trade University
more than 15 years experience of interpretation, 6 years experience in simultaneous interpretation, about 300 workshop per year, at least 2 workshops per week is my current practice.

detail will be provided as requested. Frequent client included:

- the World Bank





- Us Embassy



- McKinsey

- Other development donors & NGO in Vietnam

I also work on a regular basis with BCG, McKinsey for their projects in HCMC.

Poverty reduction, climate change, corporate's social responsibility, law enforcement, agriculture, forestry, TPP, real estate, LGBT, market research, textile and garment, aquaculture, certification, trainings of soft skills.
Việt Nam
yoga, reading

This is my quotation for 1/2 day or any event over 2 hours, simultaneous interpretation, for 1 interpreter, I don't think that 1 single interpreter should covered 1/2 day event on his/her own, it is not sustainable and the quality of service for our client will not be perfect. The rate for 1/2 day cabin should be USD 400 net for a team of two interpreters. Any event less than 2 hours of work can be covered at this rate by 1 single interpreter.

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